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Stock cardboard boxes to solve any packaging, storage & shipping problem

Everybody loves a box. Whether it means your new delivery has arrived, or you can finally get your storage sorted, or whether you just need somewhere to climb inside and take a few minutes. Our boxes aren’t just any boxes. We’ve got single wall, double wall,  self-locking mailing boxes, A4 white ream boxes. We’ve got business card boxes that can double up for use in the garage or craft room, and temporary wardrobes for transporting your clothes still on their hangers.


Cardboard Boxes

If you’re looking for cardboard boxes, you’re looking for us

Packaging is what we’re here for - the clue’s in our name. All packaging resources make us happy, so when you’re looking for the right packaging materials, we want to make you happy too! To be honest, one of the things we most enjoy supplying is that old packaging favourite, the humble cardboard box. When you’re in search of cardboard boxes, have a good look through our range. Whether its for storage, shipping, or dressing up as a robot, we’ve got boxes large and small, and boxes in medium sizes too. Because you’d expect nothing less!

Our single walled boxes are sturdy and strong, and designed to keep their shape even when they’re full of beans. Not just beans actually – you can choose whatever contents you want to fill them with. Double walled boxes give that extra layer of strength and stability. Either way, they are supplied flat packed which gives the added bonus that you’ll be able to store them easily until they’re needed.

If you’re also looking for accessories to help you pack your more fragile items, you’re in the right place for corrugated paper and bubble wrap. We can offer both in large sheets or handy mini rolls, as required. You’ll be able to surround all your breakables with padding to help protect them from the jolts and shudders of the removals process.

We have boxes specially designed for mailing too. They fit easily through a post box slot and are ideal if you’re trading via eBay or running a small business.

Removal Boxes & Packaging

Stock Boxes for removal and moving house - buy just the quantity you need!

Moving house? No need to get your friends and family on a mad search for second hand packing boxes that break and tear the moment you move them, and need two miles of tape wound around just to hold them together. (Although we have some excellent choices of tape if you do decide to go that route…) Life could be so much easier, that’s our philosophy. Just order the right size and shape of boxes to fit all you need to pack, and we’ll send them to you – flat packed and with our best wishes for your new home or workplace. You don’t even need to invite us to the housewarming.

Printer Boxes

As the name suggests these are everyday printers boxes as used by the print trade!

Even in this world of virtual communication and paperless systems, printing remains a vital part of office life. Business cards, invoices, official documents, scanned information for filing – there are any number of reasons why printers are still invaluable.

And where you have printers, you need printer supplies. And where you have printer supplies, you need a way to keep them safe, dry, at the right temperature, clean and fresh. You wouldn’t want to pick an apple that was folded at the corners, faded, covered with coffee spills or coated in dust. In the same way you want your printing supplies fresh, juicy, tasty and straight from the tree. Well, ok, so we’ve mixed our metaphors, but you get the gist. Good quality printer supplies need good quality printer boxes to keep them at their best.

Printer boxes are fantastic for storing paper and card, whether it’s waiting to go into the printer or photocopier, or whether it’s come through the system and sitting waiting to be used, folded, signed, sent or archived.  We can supply you with business card boxes that will keep business cards in pristine condition – perfect if you print and supply them for other companies too. We also have boxes that will hold a ream of paper. It’s a great way to deliver larger quantities of printing to clients, or to store for your own use.

With prices like ours, and discounts on large orders, you’ll be able to keep printer boxes in store for future use, ensuring your printing supplies are always as fresh as an apple straight from the tree!

Postal Boxes

Our postal boxes make sending your items quick & easy!

Sending things through the post? Prefer them to get there in one piece (or at least, the right number of pieces – on the basis you might be sending a jigsaw puzzle…)? Concerned that yours might not be the only package going in the van that day, and that it might get squashed, mashed or otherwise poorly treated? If so, besides taking a careful look at why you’re using that crazy dispatch service (!) you’ll also want to think carefully about packaging. It sounds like a job for a specially designed postal box.

Our postal boxes are designed to keep your precious contents safe however clumsy the handling or torrential the weather. It’s a bit like sending a security guard along with the package to keep it protected from less than careful couriers, sudden earth tremors and other everyday occurrences in the land of professional packaging.

And not just any old box! You need the right one. Fortunately we can help you out on that score with postal boxes designed to survive all the rigours of mailing, with reinforced sides, slot-together glue-less construction, and prices that will allow you to buy in bulk and save money.

It would be possible to create your own makeshift alternative to a postal box using several rolls of tape, some left over packaging, a ball of string together with some spare time, labour and creative effort. Cost all those bits and pieces together with the possible insurance claim when it all gets snapped, cracked, flattened or bent, and… well that’s up to you.  We’d prefer to buy an inexpensive postal box, whack it in the post and spend any time and money saved on a quick break with a caramel latte and an apple Danish.

Our professional postal boxes are a good excuse for a coffee break.

Carton Stapling Equipment

For extra security, stability and peace of mind when you’re constructing cartons and boxes, you’ll often need to staple them into place

We can supply a professional range of carton stapling equipment, from air powered and pneumatic carton staplers, to hands-free foot operated mechanisms for extra versatility.  We also supply cardboard box support tables which allow you to staple the base of a box simply and easily. They are designed to have the box rested on them during the stapling process, allowing a sturdy base to staple into and letting the staple go through the layers of cardboard without attaching to the surface below.  Cardboard box support tables can be used together with the manual or air stapler.

If you’re working with different sized boxes, you’ll be glad that our stapling equipment is adjustable, giving you a choice of heights that allow you to staple any box with ease and a professional finish. With both foot operated and hand operated staplers available, you might even start to wonder whether you can operate two at once for double the efficiency! The answer is no, sadly, unless of course you’re employing an octopus on your packaging team.

Carton stapling is one of those jobs that needs the right specialist equipment to do properly. Trying to make do with basic staplers to handle boxes and cartons is not a viable alternative for professional businesses. Discounts are usually available on many of our products for bulk purchases, which means a great deal, especially if you do happen to have an octopus on the team.

Moving Kits

We have made it easier for you to move home!

Whether this will be your first home, you are upsizing or down scaling – we have the perfect moving kit for you. There are 3 dedicated kits all designed around the specific needs for your move: one for students, one for a 1-2 bedroom house move or a 3-4 bedroom house move. We have done all the hard work for you to make sure you get your belongings from A to B in perfect condition – ready to unpack in your new home!

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  • Your moving date is set and you’re ready to start your packing! We take the hassle out of moving with our 1-2 bedroom kit, specially designed to accommodate all your belongings. Make your moving day a total success with safe transportation of your products with our protective packaging. Read the full product description. Box bonus of 3 extra moving...

    £ 40.55
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  • Our 3-4 bedroom home moving kits come with a variety of strong boxes, bubble wrap, adhesive packing tape and even a pen. Our home moving kits are one of our best selling items and offer tremendous value for money. Read the full product description. Box bonus of 5 extra moving boxes for £6.00 instead of £7.75 only when you purchase the 3-4 bedroom moving...

    £ 65.23
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  • Off to college or university?  This tailored moving kit will get you settled into your first accommodation from home in style! We know using products from sustainable sources will be important to you -  so we’ve thought about that too! Our student home moving kits come with a variety of packing boxes, bubble wrap, adhesive packing tape and even a marker...

    £ 30.66
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  • Quality single wall stock cardboard boxes in 16 sizes for shipping, packing & storage. Versatile, recyclable and biodegradable. Read the full product description.

    £ 0.40
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  • Double wall cartons – stronger and more rigid than single wall boxes. Recommended for use in dispatch and removals. Quantities of 10 supplied. Read the full product description.

    £ 0.95
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  • 250 Plastic business card holders per box. These business card boxes are both attractive and cost effective and can be used for other purposes too. Read the full product description.

    £ 49.23
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  • White cardboard ream boxes with lid and tray. Can be ordered in standard paper size A4. Pack Qty. 50 Read the full product description.

    £ 21.19
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  • 0427 diecut single wall brown (postal type) box. 0427 DIE CUT, SELF LOCKING - This carton is made up by folding and tucking in the flaps to form a sealed container without the need for closure using tape. The design provides a robust structure with three layers of board on two sides of the carton. Pack of 10 boxes Read the full product description.

    £ 0.89
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  • Our 508 x 457 x 1245mm wardrobe boxes are strong and very robust; they are manufactured from highest quality cardboard to ensure protection whilst in transit. Each box comes with an integrated hanging rail. Read the full product description.

    £ 8.01
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  • The treadle stapler allows you to manoeuvre boxes by hand, then staple with your foot. Very quick and easy to operate for high volumes of packaging. Read the full product description.

    £ 545.00
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  • Staple boxes quicker, but without the cost or scale of a powered or treadle stapler. Easy to store and operates by just pressing down a lever. Read the full product description.

    £ 64.73
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  • Boxes for heavy duty use. Available in quantities of 10, these are perfect for removals where objects need protection during transportation. Read the full product description.

    £ 1.61
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