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Our postal boxes make sending your items quick & easy!

Sending things through the post? Prefer them to get there in one piece (or at least, the right number of pieces – on the basis you might be sending a jigsaw puzzle…)? Concerned that yours might not be the only package going in the van that day, and that it might get squashed, mashed or otherwise poorly treated? If so, besides taking a careful look at why you’re using that crazy dispatch service (!) you’ll also want to think carefully about packaging. It sounds like a job for a specially designed postal box.

Our postal boxes are designed to keep your precious contents safe however clumsy the handling or torrential the weather. It’s a bit like sending a security guard along with the package to keep it protected from less than careful couriers, sudden earth tremors and other everyday occurrences in the land of professional packaging.

And not just any old box! You need the right one. Fortunately we can help you out on that score with postal boxes designed to survive all the rigours of mailing, with reinforced sides, slot-together glue-less construction, and prices that will allow you to buy in bulk and save money.

It would be possible to create your own makeshift alternative to a postal box using several rolls of tape, some left over packaging, a ball of string together with some spare time, labour and creative effort. Cost all those bits and pieces together with the possible insurance claim when it all gets snapped, cracked, flattened or bent, and… well that’s up to you.  We’d prefer to buy an inexpensive postal box, whack it in the post and spend any time and money saved on a quick break with a caramel latte and an apple Danish.

Our professional postal boxes are a good excuse for a coffee break.

  • 0427 diecut single wall brown (postal type) box. 0427 DIE CUT, SELF LOCKING - This carton is made up by folding and tucking in the flaps to form a sealed container without the need for closure using tape. The design provides a robust structure with three layers of board on two sides of the carton. Pack of 10 boxes Read the full product description.

    £ 1.06
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