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Glass reinforced filament tapes - designed for very heavy duty packaging, bundling and banding!

Not all tapes are the same. Sometimes you need tape to come with a pre-printed message in a bold and vibrant colour. Sometimes you need tape you can tear by hand or keep in the drawer for gifts, crafts and junk modelling. And sometimes you need a tape that can be lifted and repositioned if you change your mind. And then there are glass reinforced filament tapes. Reinforced filament tapes are not in the same league as the rest. They are manufactured with a serious job to do, and it isn’t about wrapping your Christmas presents. (Unless of course you asked Santa for export quantities of industrial steel rods in bundles. In that case, we take it all back, this tape is ideal for the job!)

Glass reinforced filament tapes are maximum strength and designed for very heavy duty packaging, bundling and banding. You’ll need a very sharp knife or purpose made cutter to get through this tape because it’s designed for endurance and the highest performance.

Words that just don’t apply to glass reinforced filament tape are ripping, splitting, tearing. Extremely reliable and going where most tapes couldn’t dream of going, it will endure massive stress and strain without snapping or breaking. The construction includes glass fibre, and the adhesive is industrial strength. That means that even non-standard shapes, bundles of heavy duty materials and other unwieldy deliveries can all be held firmly in place.

Our rolls of glass reinforced filament tape are 50m in length and come in a choice of widths, from 25mm to 75mm. They represent great value for money because they’re suitable for even very heavy duty goods for export.

  • Cross weave filament tape is a high-strength, high tack strapping tape. Made with reinforced glass fibres to provide maximum strength. Recommended for heavy duty and high security sealing and bundling of odd-shaped materials. This tape is extremely strong, you will need a sharp knife or cutter to cut. Available in widths of 12mm, 19mm, 25mm, 50mm, 75mm....

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