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You’re here because you’ve heard the rumours about us and our impressive range of retail packaging. It’s all true!

When you think of retail packaging, do you imagine just a few items to choose from or a vast array! Retail packaging is as varied as the wide variety of trades, products, stores, businesses and services that sell their wares to the public. Whether you’re in the sandwich trade, run a sweet shop or own a grocery store, we’ve got packets and boxes, bags and wrapping to suit all your retail needs. 

It’s a bit like saying we have everything but the kitchen sink in the way of retail packaging – except that kitchen sinks aren’t a great deal of use for retail packaging anyway. If they were, we’d stock the full range in every colour, size and shape, with handy adjustable all-weather taps and  gift-wrapped vented economy plug-holes. As it is though, kitchen sinks aren’t really our thing, but that’s not why you’re here anyway.


Paper Carrier Bags

Top quality retail paper carrier bags at low low prices!

Have we mentioned how much we like paper bags? Well we do. So much so, that we offer them with handles as well as without. Twisted paper handles, flat paper handles, recycled, ribbed or plain, and all to supply you with carrier bags that will get your customers carrying away their purchase from you as a stylist accessory. Even if they only bought cheese.

Whether you’re in the business of ornaments and gifts, delicatessen or fashion, paper carrier bags will set off your customer’s purchase nicely and give them a sense of pride and well being as they leave the shop. Many of them double up as gift bags that customers will use time and again.

So click here for paper carrier bags that will enhance your business image and help customers carry off your products.

Till Rolls

We supply everyday thermal till rolls in quantities of 20, and in 9 different sizes!

Ever had this happen? Excuse me, you’ll have to wait. My till roll needs changing… Just when you’ve got to the front of the queue… …Calling all staff: Any spare till rolls, that’s any spare till rolls…? Frustrating isn’t it. A quick check of the mobile phone confirms you’ve already waited longer than it would have taken to source the raw materials in the jungle to make the contents of your trolley from scratch. …No till rolls? Can you have a look out the back then please? Customer waiting, that’s customer waiting…” Argh!

Retail therapy starts to feel more like retail torture as you watch the entire staff search around for one little till roll, until finally …this will just take a minute, sorry to keep you… and of course the highest qualified 5-star-badge-wearing trainee manager is called upon to fit it properly to avoid messing up the last remaining till roll on the premises. Meanwhile the customer’s bus has come and gone, together with their will to live. Waiting for a till roll to be sourced and changed is the non-virtual equivalent of waiting for the checkout page to load in an online store. It’s the perfect prompt for a real life abandoned trolley and a lost sale. Why take the chance?

Keep a good supply of till rolls in stock and you’ll be able to get your staff into good habits and well-practiced at keeping their checkout in action for as long as possible, even at the end of the roll.

We supply thermal till rolls in quantities of 20, and in 9 different sizes, so that whatever till or credit card machine you operate you’ll have plenty of till rolls in store at all times.

Price Guns

Looking for a solution for quick and easy pricing of all the products in your shop?

You’ve come to the right place because we have retail pricing guns that will do the job for you with speed, accuracy, and (if you want to look stylish doing it) a touch of style as well. Stylish as pricing guns go, anyway. Refill labels size C6 are also available in a wide range of bold and eye catching colours that shout ‘buy me! buy me! buy me!’ but in a very tasteful and understated way. You could choose to colour code your prices for discounted goods or seasonal sales. Or maybe just choose your favourite colour to fit with your in-store colour scheme. Or of course standard white is a great all-round option for general pricing that suits every store and works for a wide range of products.

Whichever label you decide to go for, you’ll just need to fire up the pricing gun and you can create one line of print with a full 6 digits – that’s all you need for goods priced up to £99.99.

There’s something very satisfying about using a retail price gun – you get a uniform and professional look to all your pricing labels, the action is smooth, easy to operate with just one-touch, and it gives you sense of achievement when you see how fast you’ve done the job. In fact, if think you might just find your staff  fighting over the shiny new pricing gun, why not just order two. After all, you wouldn’t want to cause mayhem with your merchandising!

Food Packaging & Containers

Our catering range of packaging and containers are tailor made to help you!

If you’re in the catering trade, you’ll love our range of packaging and containers that are tailor made to help you prepare, store, package and sell your delicious edibles to the hungry public. We’re talking about more than just sandwich boxes too. In fact, we like to think that even our sandwich boxes are more than just sandwich boxes. We supply sandwich containers in different sizes and made from different materials, each designed to suit your business, your priorities and your brand, as well as your fillings. Biodegradable, PVC, regular and deeper fill boxes are some of our most popular.

Beyond sandwich boxes, we’ve also got cake boxes, clear cellophane bags, film fronted bags, and oval hinged lid salad boxes. And that’s just for starters. Looking for clear microwaveable containers? We have those. Polystyrene pots with optional lids? We have those too. And behind the scenes, you’ll also want to order in a healthy stock of those less glamorous catering resources, such as cling film, aluminium foil, bag ties, butchers bags and greaseproof paper. We’re good for all sorts of things like that – in fact, if you can come up with a type of food packaging or container that we don’t yet stock and that you’d find useful, let us know and we’ll get onto that for you in about the time it takes to boil an egg.

The truth is, we’re great fans of food, which is why we also love stocking food packaging. Our growing range of containers, boxes, bags, and other catering accessories is designed to make your life easier, get your business running more smoothly, and to make sure your customers come back to you time and again – well, at least whenever they’re feeling peckish!

Catering Supplies

Great Catering & Takeaway Supplies For Any Event

If you’re looking for specialist packaging for your catering business, café or commercial dining room, we have everything you need here in one place. For your customers we have several ranges of disposable cups, sandwich cartons (including biodegradable ones) and serviettes too. Plus plastic cutlery, salad boxes and wooden tea and coffee stirrers, to make sure you stay uptodate with the most sophisticated high street coffee lovers. For those busy behind the scenes, take a look at our blue vinyl and thin polythene gloves, our white cotton dishcloths and yellow dusters, and twist ties, freezer bags and clingfilm.

Of course, we have far more on the menu than just those things. And we keep expanding our range so that you can keep expanding your business. Or, let’s put it this way: if you’re a caterer, we want to cater for your all packaging needs!

Polythene Carrier Bags

Polythene carrier bags at some of the cheapest prices online!

Polythene carrier bags come in all shapes and sizes. How do we know? Because we stock them. Coloured, white, printed, vest-shaped, recycled, patch-handled, varigauge, economy – you name it, we’ve got the polythene carrier bag to suit. Okay, within reason.

We know that you need to balance costs and quality, strength and affordability, design and ecology. That’s why we’ve got a full range to choose from, from the familiar tried and trusted styles used in supermarkets across the UK, to the specialist designs that can be printed with your own brand or logo in full colour!

So, come to us for polythene carriers. Whatever you’re looking for, we’ve got it in the bag.

Custom Printed Carrier Bags
Custom Printed Carrier Bags
Paper Bags

Top quality retail paper bags at low low prices!

Paper bags are one of our favourite things. That’s why we offer them in white, off-white, brown, candy striped, big, small, thin or sturdy.

Want fast no-nonsense access to thin paper bags on a string for top speed customer service over the grocery counter? We’ve got those. Looking for high quality bags that stand up on their own while you carefully pack fragile tissue wrapped items in? We've got those too.

We’ve also got colourful pick n mix bags that are great for shoveling sweets in and sharing. We’ve got takeaway bags with flat paper handles that keep hands cool, however hot you serve your curry.

So if you like paper bags as much as we do, you should send us an order sometime because we’d just love to send you some of ours.

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