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Strapping goods, bundles and packages by hand? No problem!

We can supply you with strapping in a wide range of materials, together with strapping tools, seals and buckles to use with them.  We also stock a range of strapping kits, which are convenient as a starter pack or for a smaller job. If you need woven polyester hand strapping, we’ve got it in 13mm, 16mm and 19mm widths. It’s safe to apply by hand because the edges are soft and it’s easy to apply. Use the strapping with buckles (available separately) to help you maximise the strapping tension. It’s suitable for heavy duty uses and comes in lengths of up to 1100m.

When you’re strapping heavy loads to a pallet, you need extra strong breaking strengths and protection against splitting. We supply hand strapping made from polypropylene for reliable strength and tension when securing packages for delivery.  These are intended for use with strapping seals for industrial strength performance and security. Strapping tools and machines help to produce a higher quality strapping, and we supply these in ranges that are suitable for manual as well as heavier duty use.  With industrial strapping tools – tensioners, cutters and sealers - you can strap even steel strapping by hand. We have both mill wound and ribbon wound steel strapping in a range of widths and breaking strengths to suit your requirements.

Our ranges of strapping are growing in line with demand, so if we don’t yet stock the one you’re after, just let us know.  We’re always on the look out for the most popular items to add to our product ranges.

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