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Polypropylene Strapping Combination Tools There are no products in this category.

Working with polypropylene strapping? Using three separate tools?

Maybe it’s time to consider investing in a combination strapping tool that not only tensions and seals but cuts too! We’ve got a range that goes from the budget end right up to heavy combination and magazine loading, so in your search for the perfect professional strapping tool it’s worth stopping here for a while to find out what’s on offer.

At entry level, Pro-series offer a basic model that gives professional performance at a great price. It’s happy with strapping up to 12mm in width and will save you time, effort and money too by combining the actions of tensioning, sealing and cutting polypropylene strapping into one single tool. If you’re working with flat packages and strapping up to 16mm, consider the Flat Packages Combination Tool. It’s perfect for bales, crates, pallets and cases that need strong strapping, and it can be used with either polyprop or polyester without any adjustment needed.

The Heavy Duty 12mm Magazine Combination Tool from Optimax allows you to keep on strapping without having to stop to reload, so it’s a great solution for high volumes. Because it’s suitable for heavy duty jobs, you can be sure of a strong performance with high tension. And if you’re looking for a lightweight tool that handles vertical as well as horizontal strapping, the LPC Combination Tool offers professional results for polypropylene or polyester strapping up to 0.9mm and at widths of up to 16mm.

Other models are also available, and we’re adding to the range. So take a look around and  find out why one tool might just be better than three.