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Steel Strapping Combination Tools There are no products in this category.

If you’re on the look out for a steel strapping combination tool, come straight to us for some fantastic all-rounders!

Why use two products when you only need one. It’s a sensible question. Okay, you may have a perfectly good reason to use separate tools for your steel strapping tensioning, sealing and cutting, but if not it’s worth taking a look at this range. They’re designed to be time saving, labour saving and to impress any colleagues who use separate tools without having a perfectly good reason for doing so.

Top of the range, how about the OHT steel combination tool which needs no seals because it punches through the strapping for a super strength hold. With reversible punching dies, the mechanism has a longer life too, for some great combination strapping performance on widths of up to 19mm.

For flat packed applications, think about the TLN heavy duty steel combi tool. It tensions, crimps and cuts with a professional finish that will keep your pallets secure and your crates firmly fixed.

Many of our steel strapping combination tools look like something out of Robot Wars, and none more so than the QST heavy duty steel strapping combination tool. It’s another combi tool that thinks separate seals are for wimps, and seals steel strapping without them. Like the OHT, it has reversible punching dies for extended life, and it’s a heavy duty tool.

We sell tensioners, sealers and cutters as separate tools too. But if you’re on the look out for a combination strapping tool, come straight to us for some fantastic all-rounders. Whether you’re strapping with steel, polyester or polypropylene, you’re in the right place for great value and top performance combination strapping.