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Steel Strapping Safety Cutters There are no products in this category.

Our steel strapping cutters work like a knife through butter, and would make mincemeat of the knife as well if required.

When it comes to cutting steel strapping, it’s always a relief to see the word ‘safety’ in the title. After all, we’re talking industrial strength strapping that doesn’t want to be cut - that’s pretty much in its job description. It’s what you use it for. If you wanted strapping that was easy to cut, you could just have used a piece of string and a pair of scissors. But you wanted industrial strength strapping so you chose steel instead. Better get a purpose-designed safety cutter in that case.

At the bargain end of the steel strapping cutter range we have the steel strapping cutter tool from Pro-series. It works a bit like a pair of scissors with extra attitude. Keep your fingers out of the way, because when this tool cuts, it cuts. And we’re talking steel strapping, straight from the dispenser.

The basic safety model from Pro-series is the standard steel strapping cutter. It has built in safety features to allow you to achieve a clean cut when the strapping is in place. Rubber pads are keep the strapping exactly where you need it, with the blade giving a clean cut straight through the middle. Good news for fingers.

Or if you’re hoping to chop through some heavy duty strapping, why not go for the Optimax heavy duty steel strapping cutter. Up to 32mm strapping presents no problem. Need it even wider? How about the 50mm heavy duty steel strapping cutter. Used in dock yards, it’s a serious piece of kit.