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We take the tension out of cord and polyester tensioning. Ironic isn’t it!

If you’re looking for professional tensioners for use with cord and polyester strapping you’ve come to the right place. And have we got cord and polyester tensioners for you!

Let’s start by looking at the standard model from the professional, popular, great value Pro-series range. The CST20 model can take woven or composite strapping and are just what you need if you’re working with CB buckles. With strapping of up to 19mm in width, this tool achieves strong tensions with minimal effort.

Looking for some heavier duty tensioning? Not a problem. We have a range of models to suit. The monster version is the QXT heavy duty strapping tensioner from Optimax which can take widths of up to 38mm. Wow, 38mm. We knew you’d be impressed. This product range also includes the CHD heavy duty strapping tensioner for woven or composite strapping. It takes up to 25mm strapping, works very well with CB buckles and is perfect if you’d like your latest tensioning tool to come in a classic blue and black colour scheme. Sometimes these things are important.

Other tensioning tools are available though, like the JTP jumbo strapping tensioner. If you thought the QXT was impressive, we can’t wait to hear what you think of the JTP because it can accommodate up to 40mm wide strapping! No wonder it’s called the jumbo tensioner. Basically, if you need a cord and polyester tensioner for professional use, just take a look through our range and select the one that’s right for your job.