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Our steel strapping sealers are great for sealing steel strapping.

Maybe that should go without saying, but we thought we’d point it out anyway. Get yourself some steel strapping, a bunch of snap on or lap over seals, one of these shiny new tools and you’re away! Let’s take a look at some of the options.

The standard steel strapping sealer comes in widths from 13mm to 19mm and is another one of those popular favourites from the Pro-series professional packaging range. If you need to work on heavier duty jobs, then go instead for the heavy duty side action strapping sealer. The side action operation allows you to put more oomph into the sealing process. It uses lap over seals for a strong and resilient hold on strapping that’s up to 32mm in width!

Single notch and double notch sealers are what you’re looking for if you want some seriously heavy duty sealing with lap over seals. These will help you achieve truly industrial strength steel strapping. They are also side action operated for maximum sealing performance.

Of course, if you just have a small scale sealing job to do you can find a basic steel sealers in one of our steel strapping starter kits. That way you’ll also get the seals and strapping you need, together with a dispenser with a tool tray and a steel tensioner too. And there’s also the option of a combination tool that tensions, seals and cuts all in one unit. When it comes to sealing steel strapping, we really spoil you don’t we.