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If you’re looking for a steel strapping tensioner, look no further. We’ve got the full range!

Industrial strapping calls for industrial strapping tools and equipment, so when you’re looking for professional quality you’ve come to the right place. If you’re strapping with steel, then you’ll need a particularly robust tensioner, and we have a range to suit a variety of jobs - from standard strapping to heavy duty and super heavy duty, as well as the equipment you’ll need if you’re working with irregular shaped bundles and packages.

Pro-series offer a standard steel strapping tool which we supply for widths of up to 19mm. If you’re binding or packaging flat packed loads with pallets, crates or bales and you don’t need the strength of the other tensioners in the range, then go for the standard steel tensioner.

When you need extra strength and resilience, you could choose for a mid range tensioner such as the Optimax heavy duty steel tensioner. Again, it is suitable for strapping of up to a width of 19mm. Our heaviest duty tensioner for steel strapping is the super heavy duty steel tensioner in the Optimax range. Go for this one when you need extra strength strapping tension for industrial strength loads.

And if you’re looking to strap pipes or other rounded or irregularly shaped bundles or loads, you’ll find the irregular shape HD steel tensioner just the job. It holds the strapping tightly against itself, giving you more flexibility for contours and tricky shapes.