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Battery Powered Strapping Tools There are no products in this category.

If you’re doing some strapping, then you need strapping tools. We have those!

They’re nice and they do the job. However, if you’re a serious strapping professional with industrial strength jobs to power through time and again, day after day, then you need some serious kit to get it done quickly, efficiently and (if possible) feeling like Jeremy Clarkson with a Ferrari 458 Spider, cruising along an empty road in the Appalachian Mountains. Fortunately for you, we share your passion for battery powered strapping tools, so we’ll happily give you a run down of the top performers for strapping speed, money, lightness and battery charge.

First up, consider the fast charging, longer lasting, new improved model from Signode, the BXT Battery Powered Strapping Tool. Top of the range pricewise, it’s designed to be happily recharged whenever’s convenient for you, rather than waiting until the battery has run down. It’s reliable in demanding situations and has a number of impressive design features that make it a top runner.

If you have the need for speed, then the TVX Li-ion Friction Weld Battery Powered Strapping Tool is one of the fastest, taking just under 3 seconds to do the whole job of tensioning, sealing and cutting. That’s fast!

For intelligent weight distribution, how about the ZHT Battery Powered Strapping tool, which is less tiring to operate, so reducing fatigue. Achieving tensions of up to 3300N it’s a high performer.

Finally, for the lightest in its class, the Optimax ZXT1216 has to be the choice. Weighing only 3.5kg complete with battery, it gives all the combination strapping features you need, but in a much lighter weight tool.

If battery powered strapping tools are one of your favourite things, it’s okay, we’re with you on that.