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Buy quality strapping tools that are professionaly manufacturered by Pro-series and Optimax!

Contemporary strapping tools come in such a variety of designs and specifications, we wouldn’t be surprised if there were strapping professionals who regularly asked for the latest equipment for their next birthday present. If you know someone like that (or you are someone like that!) then put the kettle on because you’re in for a treat.

Whether you’re cutting, tensioning, sealing, or all of the above, we supply all the tools you’ll need for the job. From basic manually operated unpowered tools, up to seriously powerful battery driven pieces of kit that Arnold Schwarzenegger would feel proud to have used if he’d had to meet the challenge of a legitimate industrial strapping emergency in the Terminator films. Take for example the ZXT1216 model from Optimax. Designed for heavy duty industrial use, it tensions, seals and cuts quickly and efficiently in a variety of widths and thicknesses of polyprop or polyester strapping materials. With a full 400 straps per charging cycle, it is the lightest available in its class, with a weight of only 3.5kg – and that includes the battery!

Or how about the Signode BXT, which sounds like Harry Potter’s latest broomstick (the name, rather than the motor) and seals with a friction weld. It’s another top of the range battery operated combination strapping tool.

At the other end of the spectrum, we’ve got tools that are engineered to produce great results by end, without the aid of a battery. Strapping sealers, tensioners, cutters and combination tools from recognised professional manufacturers such as Pro-series and Optimax are available to order online, each engineered for reliability and ease of use.


Battery Powered Strapping Tools

If you’re doing some strapping, then you need strapping tools. We have those!

They’re nice and they do the job. However, if you’re a serious strapping professional with industrial strength jobs to power through time and again, day after day, then you need some serious kit to get it done quickly, efficiently and (if possible) feeling like Jeremy Clarkson with a Ferrari 458 Spider, cruising along an empty road in the Appalachian Mountains. Fortunately for you, we share your passion for battery powered strapping tools, so we’ll happily give you a run down of the top performers for strapping speed, money, lightness and battery charge.

First up, consider the fast charging, longer lasting, new improved model from Signode, the BXT Battery Powered Strapping Tool. Top of the range pricewise, it’s designed to be happily recharged whenever’s convenient for you, rather than waiting until the battery has run down. It’s reliable in demanding situations and has a number of impressive design features that make it a top runner.

If you have the need for speed, then the TVX Li-ion Friction Weld Battery Powered Strapping Tool is one of the fastest, taking just under 3 seconds to do the whole job of tensioning, sealing and cutting. That’s fast!

For intelligent weight distribution, how about the ZHT Battery Powered Strapping tool, which is less tiring to operate, so reducing fatigue. Achieving tensions of up to 3300N it’s a high performer.

Finally, for the lightest in its class, the Optimax ZXT1216 has to be the choice. Weighing only 3.5kg complete with battery, it gives all the combination strapping features you need, but in a much lighter weight tool.

If battery powered strapping tools are one of your favourite things, it’s okay, we’re with you on that.

Steel Strapping Tensioners

If you’re looking for a steel strapping tensioner, look no further. We’ve got the full range!

Industrial strapping calls for industrial strapping tools and equipment, so when you’re looking for professional quality you’ve come to the right place. If you’re strapping with steel, then you’ll need a particularly robust tensioner, and we have a range to suit a variety of jobs - from standard strapping to heavy duty and super heavy duty, as well as the equipment you’ll need if you’re working with irregular shaped bundles and packages.

Pro-series offer a standard steel strapping tool which we supply for widths of up to 19mm. If you’re binding or packaging flat packed loads with pallets, crates or bales and you don’t need the strength of the other tensioners in the range, then go for the standard steel tensioner.

When you need extra strength and resilience, you could choose for a mid range tensioner such as the Optimax heavy duty steel tensioner. Again, it is suitable for strapping of up to a width of 19mm. Our heaviest duty tensioner for steel strapping is the super heavy duty steel tensioner in the Optimax range. Go for this one when you need extra strength strapping tension for industrial strength loads.

And if you’re looking to strap pipes or other rounded or irregularly shaped bundles or loads, you’ll find the irregular shape HD steel tensioner just the job. It holds the strapping tightly against itself, giving you more flexibility for contours and tricky shapes.

Polypropylene Strapping Sealers

Polypropylene strapping sealers, manufactured as part of the Pro-series range of professional strapping tools!

Okay, so industrial strapping isn’t necessarily the most exciting job in the world, but round here we like to put a positive spin on even the most mundane of packaging activities. That’s why we always like to say that sealing polypropylene strapping can be so much more fun when you have just the right tool for the job.

For example, what about the standard polypropylene strapping sealer, manufactured as part of the Pro-series range of professional strapping tools. It comes with some lovely red handles, but moreover it gets the job done at a great price. If you need more strength, then you could opt for the heavy duty polypropylene strapping sealer, which offers a stronger seal with strapping widths of 12mm or 16mm. We’ve also got strapping sealers with offset jaws - available in both standard and heavy duty models.

If you just have a small scale strapping job to do and you’re looking for sealers as part of a kit, we supply those too. You can choose from a range of kits that include the strapping itself, maybe a dispenser with a tool or accessories tray, as well as the metal seals you’ll need for a professional finish.

Alternatively, you could opt for a combination tool that does the tensioning, cutting and sealing for you in one single unit. Make sure you opt for the right model that’s suitable for the strapping material you’re using - woven polyester, steel or polypropylene. When you have the equipment you need to do the job properly, even tricky or routine orders can be fulfilled quickly and professionally.

Steel Strapping Sealers

Our steel strapping sealers are great for sealing steel strapping.

Maybe that should go without saying, but we thought we’d point it out anyway. Get yourself some steel strapping, a bunch of snap on or lap over seals, one of these shiny new tools and you’re away! Let’s take a look at some of the options.

The standard steel strapping sealer comes in widths from 13mm to 19mm and is another one of those popular favourites from the Pro-series professional packaging range. If you need to work on heavier duty jobs, then go instead for the heavy duty side action strapping sealer. The side action operation allows you to put more oomph into the sealing process. It uses lap over seals for a strong and resilient hold on strapping that’s up to 32mm in width!

Single notch and double notch sealers are what you’re looking for if you want some seriously heavy duty sealing with lap over seals. These will help you achieve truly industrial strength steel strapping. They are also side action operated for maximum sealing performance.

Of course, if you just have a small scale sealing job to do you can find a basic steel sealers in one of our steel strapping starter kits. That way you’ll also get the seals and strapping you need, together with a dispenser with a tool tray and a steel tensioner too. And there’s also the option of a combination tool that tensions, seals and cuts all in one unit. When it comes to sealing steel strapping, we really spoil you don’t we.

Cord & Polyester Tensioners

We take the tension out of cord and polyester tensioning. Ironic isn’t it!

If you’re looking for professional tensioners for use with cord and polyester strapping you’ve come to the right place. And have we got cord and polyester tensioners for you!

Let’s start by looking at the standard model from the professional, popular, great value Pro-series range. The CST20 model can take woven or composite strapping and are just what you need if you’re working with CB buckles. With strapping of up to 19mm in width, this tool achieves strong tensions with minimal effort.

Looking for some heavier duty tensioning? Not a problem. We have a range of models to suit. The monster version is the QXT heavy duty strapping tensioner from Optimax which can take widths of up to 38mm. Wow, 38mm. We knew you’d be impressed. This product range also includes the CHD heavy duty strapping tensioner for woven or composite strapping. It takes up to 25mm strapping, works very well with CB buckles and is perfect if you’d like your latest tensioning tool to come in a classic blue and black colour scheme. Sometimes these things are important.

Other tensioning tools are available though, like the JTP jumbo strapping tensioner. If you thought the QXT was impressive, we can’t wait to hear what you think of the JTP because it can accommodate up to 40mm wide strapping! No wonder it’s called the jumbo tensioner. Basically, if you need a cord and polyester tensioner for professional use, just take a look through our range and select the one that’s right for your job.

Steel Strapping Safety Cutters

Our steel strapping cutters work like a knife through butter, and would make mincemeat of the knife as well if required.

When it comes to cutting steel strapping, it’s always a relief to see the word ‘safety’ in the title. After all, we’re talking industrial strength strapping that doesn’t want to be cut - that’s pretty much in its job description. It’s what you use it for. If you wanted strapping that was easy to cut, you could just have used a piece of string and a pair of scissors. But you wanted industrial strength strapping so you chose steel instead. Better get a purpose-designed safety cutter in that case.

At the bargain end of the steel strapping cutter range we have the steel strapping cutter tool from Pro-series. It works a bit like a pair of scissors with extra attitude. Keep your fingers out of the way, because when this tool cuts, it cuts. And we’re talking steel strapping, straight from the dispenser.

The basic safety model from Pro-series is the standard steel strapping cutter. It has built in safety features to allow you to achieve a clean cut when the strapping is in place. Rubber pads are keep the strapping exactly where you need it, with the blade giving a clean cut straight through the middle. Good news for fingers.

Or if you’re hoping to chop through some heavy duty strapping, why not go for the Optimax heavy duty steel strapping cutter. Up to 32mm strapping presents no problem. Need it even wider? How about the 50mm heavy duty steel strapping cutter. Used in dock yards, it’s a serious piece of kit.

Steel Strapping Combination Tools

If you’re on the look out for a steel strapping combination tool, come straight to us for some fantastic all-rounders!

Why use two products when you only need one. It’s a sensible question. Okay, you may have a perfectly good reason to use separate tools for your steel strapping tensioning, sealing and cutting, but if not it’s worth taking a look at this range. They’re designed to be time saving, labour saving and to impress any colleagues who use separate tools without having a perfectly good reason for doing so.

Top of the range, how about the OHT steel combination tool which needs no seals because it punches through the strapping for a super strength hold. With reversible punching dies, the mechanism has a longer life too, for some great combination strapping performance on widths of up to 19mm.

For flat packed applications, think about the TLN heavy duty steel combi tool. It tensions, crimps and cuts with a professional finish that will keep your pallets secure and your crates firmly fixed.

Many of our steel strapping combination tools look like something out of Robot Wars, and none more so than the QST heavy duty steel strapping combination tool. It’s another combi tool that thinks separate seals are for wimps, and seals steel strapping without them. Like the OHT, it has reversible punching dies for extended life, and it’s a heavy duty tool.

We sell tensioners, sealers and cutters as separate tools too. But if you’re on the look out for a combination strapping tool, come straight to us for some fantastic all-rounders. Whether you’re strapping with steel, polyester or polypropylene, you’re in the right place for great value and top performance combination strapping.

Polypropylene Strapping Combination...

Working with polypropylene strapping? Using three separate tools?

Maybe it’s time to consider investing in a combination strapping tool that not only tensions and seals but cuts too! We’ve got a range that goes from the budget end right up to heavy combination and magazine loading, so in your search for the perfect professional strapping tool it’s worth stopping here for a while to find out what’s on offer.

At entry level, Pro-series offer a basic model that gives professional performance at a great price. It’s happy with strapping up to 12mm in width and will save you time, effort and money too by combining the actions of tensioning, sealing and cutting polypropylene strapping into one single tool. If you’re working with flat packages and strapping up to 16mm, consider the Flat Packages Combination Tool. It’s perfect for bales, crates, pallets and cases that need strong strapping, and it can be used with either polyprop or polyester without any adjustment needed.

The Heavy Duty 12mm Magazine Combination Tool from Optimax allows you to keep on strapping without having to stop to reload, so it’s a great solution for high volumes. Because it’s suitable for heavy duty jobs, you can be sure of a strong performance with high tension. And if you’re looking for a lightweight tool that handles vertical as well as horizontal strapping, the LPC Combination Tool offers professional results for polypropylene or polyester strapping up to 0.9mm and at widths of up to 16mm.

Other models are also available, and we’re adding to the range. So take a look around and  find out why one tool might just be better than three.

Polypropylene Strapping Tensioners

As the saying goes, not all polypropylene strapping tensioners are the same. (It’s not a common saying, but that makes it no less true.)

If you take a look through our range you’ll soon be convinced of that fact. After all, we have standard, heavy duty and even deluxe heavy duty strapping tensioners, all suitable for use with polyprop strapping. And we also have a rather nifty bundling strapping tensioner. Let’s take a whistle stop tour through some of the polypropylene tensioning options available online.

For polyprop strapping up to 16mm in width, what about the Pro-Series Standard Polypropylene Strapping Tensioner. It allows you to get a higher tension than by hand alone and is a great value tool for basic strapping jobs.

If you need something a little stronger, widths of up to 19mm can be accommodated in the Heavy Duty Strapping Tensioner, also from Pro-Series. Using less manual effort for extra strength and resilience, it’s a tool that will help you achieve professional results on even heavier strapping jobs. The Optimax Deluxe HD strapping tensioner is also perfect for 19mm strapping, and can create high tensions with both polypropylene and polyester materials.

Strapping round packs or bundles? The Pro-Series Bundling Strapping Tensioner does a professional job every time. It takes 12mm strapping and is perfect for irregular shapes too.

So when it comes to polypropylene tensioning, we’ve got a range of tools you’ll find indispensable. And if that’s not enough, have a look at our combination tools that tension, seal and cut all in one.

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