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Don’t forget strapping seals and buckles when you’re stocking up on professional strapping supplies!

Whether you’re strapping by hand or machine, seals and buckles help to achieve the right tension, a strong enough binding and a reliably packed pallet, package, carton or crate. Strapping buckles are perfect for use with polypropylene or composite woven cord polyester strapping. They come in a range of sizes so that you can select the ideal width for the precise strapping material you’re using. Buckles provide an anchor point for pulling against when creating tension. Galvanised steel buckles can endure extremes in weather conditions and will help you achieve secure and robustly strapped packages. Sheradised buckles are designed not to slip, which is helpful when you’re working with hotmelt polyester or woven cord.

Seals are used to fix and permanently seal strapping into place. Semi open seals allow you to lie the strapping in the groove and then clamp tightly shut with the help of a sealing or combination strapping tool or machine. Serrated seals provide a stable grip and a strong clamp to keep strapping firmly in position.

If you’re working with steel strapping and a strapping tool, you may not need separate seals as specialist equipment is often designed to fix the strapping material into place without them. But for many strapping jobs, buckles and metal seals are the key to creating highly professional results. If you’re new to strapping or only have a small project to do, why not take a look at our strapping kits, which come supplied with the fixings, tools, strapping and dispensers you need.

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