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All the supplies you need to make sure your dispatches and mailings arrive looking smart, professional and well protected – they’re here all in one place. Sending a large poster? Postal tubes allow you to roll and send rather than fold and crease. Need opaque mailing bags for discreet posting? Choose from a range of finishes. We’ve got padded envelopes for when you need that special touch of TLC, and waterproof document enclosed envelopes to stick your paperwork to the outside of the carton; a strong seal, unaffected by the weather.

So whether you need just a one-off small supply or big regular bulk orders, here are your postal resources – just a click away.


Padded Envelopes

Padded envelopes. A great idea. We think so anyway

Postal supplies come and go with varying levels of popularity and interest. Personally, we have a soft spot for the miracle of mailing design that is the padded envelope. It’s an envelope, and its padded. Padding, in an envelope! Think about it. What an amazing invention. Most days, we can hardly get over the joy of the concept.

Whatever you’re sending by post, a padded envelope will carry it to its destination safely, securely, and with a gentle hug all the way. Whatever the contents, the padding will make sure that dispatch is a less painful process and that the contents of the package lands in its destination in the same pristine condition as when you sealed and sent it. For convenience, our padded envelopes even have peel and seal adhesive strips, making it very quick and simple to achieve a strong and permanent closure without having to fumble around with staplers or tape and scissors.

You can order padded envelopes from us in a wide variety of sizes. The padding is specially designed to resist the punctures, shocks and jolts that can happen in the mail. If you have a number of products to send, simply package them into padded envelopes, seal them and then toss them into a container ready for dispatch. You won’t have to worry, they’ll be safe as houses, right up to the customers’ front doors.

If you need to buy in bulk then just say the word. Depending on the size we can supply padded envelopes in multiple quantities of 200 if required, with a minimum order size of 50.

Mailing Bags

Mailing bags are great for general posting needs

They come in a range of sizes, colours, materials and designs and they allow you to send products and literature discreetly, quickly and without excess postage costs.

One of the major benefits of mailing bags is that they are lightweight. That means you’re not having to pay more than you need to for the weight of packaging. That makes them perfect for contents that aren’t likely to get damaged during dispatch, or for magazines, leaflets and advertising that don’t need padding or protective layers. Having said that, they offer essential protection against rain, dust, dirt and spillages, so although they don’t weigh very much, they add a great deal to the safety of your mailing.

Blue opaque mailing bags are a standard packaging material for mail order deliveries and home shopping companies. They have a plain, business-like look to them which gives the customer privacy whatever they’ve purchased. These can be ordered in a range of sizes and they are manufactured using recyclable polythene.

Clear mailing bags allow your brochure or information leaflet to do the talking for you. Everyone who handles the package prior to opening will have an uninterrupted view of the contents, making it a great way to deliver advertising or company literature. These are available to order in quantities of 1000.

Basically, if you’re looking for no nonsense, lightweight packaging for mailing goods that don’t need a lot of padding, opt for mailing bags. We’ll do you a great deal on them, especially if you decide to order a great deal of them!

Mailing Sacks

Make us your first choice when you’re ordering mailing sacks for your business or domestic use

We offer them in strong 70gsm paper with a stitched closure at the base that keeps the contents held firmly inside throughout the whole dispatch process. They’re gusseted to give you extra room to pack in the contents, and the top opens widely to allow for easy filling. We supply mailing sacks in quantities of 50.

Our 2 Ply paper sacks are 330mm x 710mm, which gives plenty of space inside, and the 100mm gusset makes them even more spacious. Basically the mailing sack is like a large envelope that can hold bulkier contents that aren’t flat, making it a convenient packaging resource for clothing and textiles.

Postal packaging resources are among our favourite things to supply, so if you need to stock up your store cupboard with other supplies we’re here ready and waiting to fulfil your order. As well as mailing sacks we also offer padded envelopes, mailing bags, postal tubes and many sizes and shapes of cardboard box. It makes sense to use the right packaging for the contents you’re sending because no one likes to receive damaged goods, whereas everybody loves a parcel or package that arrives fully intact with their name on it.

If you need to buy larger quantities of mailing sacks, just give us a call. We can usually offer great value discounts on high volume orders, and it makes sense to find out direct from us if our deals can beat the best of the rest.

Document Wallets

Whatever you’re sending – envelopes, boxes, mailing sacks or large items – you’ll find document wallets invaluable

They hold the related paperwork for you and present them clearly to the client or recipient at the point of delivery. Perhaps you need to send dispatch details, an invoice or forms for returns. Using a document wallet you can simply fold the paperwork to size, slot inside the clear polythene with the address on view, and stick firmly to the package or carton you’re sending.

Our printed document wallets have the words ‘Documents Enclosed’ clearly displayed in black capitals on a red background. This is perfect for getting the attention of everyone who handles the parcel. Attaching documents in this way is ideal for ensuring that they accompany the order and don’t get lost and separated in transit.

Without these wallets, order forms, payment terms and receipts either have to be sent separately or placed loose in the box with the loose fill or bubble wrap, where it’s easy for them to be disposed of accidentally. Document wallets also help to make the packing process more convenient as you can easily check the paperwork is included with just a glance before they go out for delivery, rather than having to open up a parcel to double check they’re in there.

Professional packaging takes into consideration the things that can often go wrong. That’s why our document wallets have very strong adhesive tack to ensure the papers stay exactly where they’re put. Use these and you’ll improve customer communications, speed up returns and payment, and reduce the number of phone and email enquiries asking after mislaid documents.

In other words, with document wallets, everyone’s happy! Isn’t that what packaging is all about?

Postal Tubes

We love postal tubes so much, and care about our customers to such an extent that we almost decided to call our website YouTube. Sadly, that name was taken.

If you have posters, wall maps, year planners or prints to send, a cardboard postal tube saves you having to fold or crease the contents.  They’re simple to post and provide an effective way to deliver larger paper sizes without damaging them. 

Plastic caps are fitted onto both ends of the cardboard tubes to help protect the contents and keep them safe from adverse weather conditions during dispatch, and to avoid them sliding out. They turn a postage problem into a simple solution – just roll the paper and slot it into the tube before sealing the ends. If you have a number of tubes to send, they can easily be bundled and tied together until they’re ready to go.

And its not just about mailing solutions. If you need to store certificates or keep pictures under wraps until you’re ready to display them, postal tubes make safe and protective storage containers. You can order quantities of 50 postal tubes and the plastic push-on ends come with them as standard. Order them from us and we’ll give you great prices, especially if you are buying them in bulk.

  • Cardboard Postal Tubes with end caps, for sending posters, maps, prints, certificates and photographs without folding or creasing. Read the full product description.

    £ 17.70
  • Envosafe® Secure White bubble padded envelopes are extra strength padded envelopes and are available to order online in a range of popular envelope sizes. Envosafe bubble envelopes are suitable to be used as postal bags. These light weight and strong white bubble Padded Envelopes ensure secure protection to all mail order goods and merchandise. Read the...

    £ 23.84
  • Envosafe ® Protect white kraft paper padded envelopes are a bubble lined light weight envelope perfect for everyday mailing. The Envosafe protect bubble envelope offers supurb value for money and also remains one of the most used padded envelopes worldwide. Read the full product description.

    £ 15.35
  • Top quality clear self-adhesive polythene wallets display the address on the enclosed document. 100% water resistant protective clear wallets that adhere to the side of cartons, boxes or other packages with a very strong tack adhesive. Simply by using these documents enclosed envelopes you give your packages the professional touch. Read the full product...

    £ 16.38
  • Top quality clear self-adhesive polythene wallets display the address on the enclosed document. 100% water resistant protective clear wallets that adhere to the side of cartons, boxes or other packages with a very strong tack adhesive. Simply by using these documents enclosed envelopes you give your packages the professional touch. Read the full product...

    £ 16.73
  • Blue opaque mailing bag with self seal strip ideal for mail order and home shopping/eBay.  These are good quality, high strength blue opaque low density polythene mailing bags with permanent adhesive seal.  55 micron polythene. Read the full product description.

    £ 38.15
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