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Looking for a solution for quick and easy pricing of all the products in your shop?

You’ve come to the right place because we have retail pricing guns that will do the job for you with speed, accuracy, and (if you want to look stylish doing it) a touch of style as well. Stylish as pricing guns go, anyway. Refill labels size C6 are also available in a wide range of bold and eye catching colours that shout ‘buy me! buy me! buy me!’ but in a very tasteful and understated way. You could choose to colour code your prices for discounted goods or seasonal sales. Or maybe just choose your favourite colour to fit with your in-store colour scheme. Or of course standard white is a great all-round option for general pricing that suits every store and works for a wide range of products.

Whichever label you decide to go for, you’ll just need to fire up the pricing gun and you can create one line of print with a full 6 digits – that’s all you need for goods priced up to £99.99.

There’s something very satisfying about using a retail price gun – you get a uniform and professional look to all your pricing labels, the action is smooth, easy to operate with just one-touch, and it gives you sense of achievement when you see how fast you’ve done the job. In fact, if think you might just find your staff  fighting over the shiny new pricing gun, why not just order two. After all, you wouldn’t want to cause mayhem with your merchandising!

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