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We supply everyday thermal till rolls in quantities of 20, and in 9 different sizes!

Ever had this happen? Excuse me, you’ll have to wait. My till roll needs changing… Just when you’ve got to the front of the queue… …Calling all staff: Any spare till rolls, that’s any spare till rolls…? Frustrating isn’t it. A quick check of the mobile phone confirms you’ve already waited longer than it would have taken to source the raw materials in the jungle to make the contents of your trolley from scratch. …No till rolls? Can you have a look out the back then please? Customer waiting, that’s customer waiting…” Argh!

Retail therapy starts to feel more like retail torture as you watch the entire staff search around for one little till roll, until finally …this will just take a minute, sorry to keep you… and of course the highest qualified 5-star-badge-wearing trainee manager is called upon to fit it properly to avoid messing up the last remaining till roll on the premises. Meanwhile the customer’s bus has come and gone, together with their will to live. Waiting for a till roll to be sourced and changed is the non-virtual equivalent of waiting for the checkout page to load in an online store. It’s the perfect prompt for a real life abandoned trolley and a lost sale. Why take the chance?

Keep a good supply of till rolls in stock and you’ll be able to get your staff into good habits and well-practiced at keeping their checkout in action for as long as possible, even at the end of the roll.

We supply thermal till rolls in quantities of 20, and in 9 different sizes, so that whatever till or credit card machine you operate you’ll have plenty of till rolls in store at all times.

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