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Top quality retail paper bags at low low prices!

Paper bags are one of our favourite things. That’s why we offer them in white, off-white, brown, candy striped, big, small, thin or sturdy.

Want fast no-nonsense access to thin paper bags on a string for top speed customer service over the grocery counter? We’ve got those. Looking for high quality bags that stand up on their own while you carefully pack fragile tissue wrapped items in? We've got those too.

We’ve also got colourful pick n mix bags that are great for shoveling sweets in and sharing. We’ve got takeaway bags with flat paper handles that keep hands cool, however hot you serve your curry.

So if you like paper bags as much as we do, you should send us an order sometime because we’d just love to send you some of ours.

  • Great quality candy stripe paper bags striped in traditional pink and white or blue and white. Perfect for selling sweets, cards and other small items. Sweet shop packaging just like the good old days! 100% food safe paper bags! Read the full product description.

    £ 12.33
  • Block bottom bags are designed to stand upright on the counter for filling or unloading. Read the full product description.

    £ 23.38
  • White sulphite bags are good for wrapping food. A range of sizes are available for rolls and sandwiches up to loaves and French sticks. Read the full product description.

    £ 5.02
  • Flat handled take away paper bags in brown or white and a choice of 4 sizes. Easy to fill, cool to carry hot food. These are widely used as a more earthy and in some cases more practical alternative to the polythene vest style carrier bag, but are more practical because the block bottom assists products such as cups to remain upright in the carrying...

    £ 24.17
  • Strung for convenience, brown paper bags are 100% food safe and suitable for busy shops that need quick low cost packaging. A range of sizes are available. Read the full product description.

    £ 11.09
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