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Quality protective packaging materials at low low prices!

If you’re looking for protective packaging resources, have we got newsprint offcuts for you! (Great for packing fragile ornaments, wrapping fish and chips, or for general scrunching and packing material.)

We’ve also got kraft paper rolls, acid free anti tarnish tissue paper and enough corrugated paper to sink the Titanic (or wrap it for safer delivery next time), And of course, we also offer great prices on bubble wrap (because wrapping bubbles is always tricky).

If we’ve left any spaces in that list, then you can pour in a pile of eco-friendly packing peanuts.

All in all, if it’s protective packaging materials you’re after, then put the kettle on because we’ve got it wrapped.


Bubble Wrap Packaging

Bubble wrap – the most unlikely packaging product that everyone likes the most!

Highly protective packaging that will keep your fragile items safe from the knocks and jolts of the dispatch journey, bubble wrap is a very popular packaging product. Used for storage or shipping, packing or even popping, it has the sort of space age look that makes you wonder what literal genius came up with that idea. We supply small rolls of bubble wrap as well as large sheets. We’ve also got an anti static bubble wrap in every techie’s favourite shade of pink, especially designed for sensitive electrical and computing components that need shielding from static charges as well as impact-absorbing padding.

We even have bubble wrap designed for more compact storage, with bubbles that are actually configured to interlock and so roll tighter, creating a much smaller diameter for the same length of roll. If you’re in the home removals business, why not stock up on handy rolls of bubble wrap for quick and easy packaging of smaller items. Or if you send larger goods – mirrors, pictures, glass – select a larger roll or sheet and you’ll have peace of mind from knowing the contents couldn’t be in safer hands. Or bubbles.

Let’s face it, if you had to pick a packaging supply that would also be great at parties, bubble wrap would be it. It’s perfectly formed, tactile, fun to be with, and when you’re feeling fragile after a heavy night it would hang around protectively and make sure you got home safely.

Void Fill / Loosefill Chips

Loose fill, void fill, packing peanuts – these little beauties flow freely into all the nooks and crannies!

Some products are made to be space saving. This product’s selling point is that it USES UP space. Some products are specially designed to pick up the little bits that get everywhere. This product IS the little bits that get everywhere.Call them what you like – loose fill, void fill, packing peanuts – these little beauties flow freely into all the nooks and crannies, cavities and chasms in your packing boxes. That’s great news for safe dispatching because void fill holds the valuable contents securely in place and gives it no room to rock about or tumble over.

Keep void fill away from practical jokers as the winter nights draw in because there’s something in all of us that is itching to pour a whole sack of packing peanuts over someone’s head and pretend it’s snowing. If you really can’t resist this urge, then they’re available in up to 15 cft bags and can be ordered in bulk for blizzard conditions if required. Why not go for eco-friendly loose fill, which is starch based and much better for the environment than polystyrene chips. The biodegradable variety is suitable for recycling and composting, and it’s odorless too – all features you can list proudly to anyone who has just had a bagful tipped over them and didn’t find it as amusing as you.

This versatile product can be used in the classroom for junk modeling, printing and gluing, and it’s a great solution for making a lucky dip – just fill a plastic bin with wrapped gifts and packing peanuts. Alongside bubble wrap, packing peanuts rank as a strong contender for the category of Most Amusing Packaging Resource Available on this Site. Send in your nominations.

Kraft Paper Rolls & Sheets

Ever wondered whether it was possible to buy Kraft paper in rolls as well as sheets?

Well we have the answer, and we think you’ll like it, because… yes, you can! This Kraft paper comes in a choice of thicknesses too. Select 70gsm or 90gsm to get a strong and durable packing resource, whether you opt for sheets or rolls. Have we mentioned, the Kraft paper rolls and sheets we supply are ribbed. That makes the paper even stronger, even more protective than unribbed sheets and rolls. When you’re buying the sheets you’ll be able to order in quantities of 250 or 125 – a really economical way and convenient of getting all the Kraft paper you need. The sheets save you the time and effort of cutting to size, which means a speedier packing process and a great stock room basic for your packing area.

Our brown Kraft paper rolls are perfect for wrapping pictures, mirrors and larger items of up to 280m in length! That’s more than 18 ½ double decker buses. (What on earth are you wrapping – the Humber Bridge?!!) They come in pure or imitation, for environmentally friendly or economical options and in widths up to 1500mm. Use for backing picture frames to give a professional finish. You can even scrunch it up to make an effective void filler.

So when you’re looking for a picture-backing, void-filling, mirror-wrapping, scrunchable, recyclable, rollable, foldable, economical packaging resource, just come to us for Kraft paper. That’s right - rolls as well as sheets!

Foam Roll & Sheet

Foam roll packaging for sheet surface protection and interleaving

We supply cost effective sheets of foam, which are also available for longer lengths on a roll for added convenience. Foam sheets and rolls act as effective protective layers that stop polished and sensitive surfaces from getting scratched while they’re being stored or transported. If you’re sending a valuable item, they work particularly well when used together with bubble and corrugated paper for a really strong and durable packaging solution.

Low density, light weight foam is perfect for applying surface protection where it’s most needed. It won’t weigh down packages unnecessarily, but as well as offering safety against scratches it also works well as a thermal insulator, and in addition it gives useful protection from damaging moisture. This foam can be recycled for use time and time again and it’s available in a range of widths up to 1200m. Our rolls of foam can be ordered in up to 300m length rolls giving plenty of wrapping potential for when you have a particularly big order to fulfill, or else you can store the excess in the packing stock cupboard for future use. Because it’s lightweight and low density is stores well and doesn’t take up so much space.

So keep flat surfaces free from dust, moisture, scratching and temperature extremes by adding a layer of foam.  It’s CFC and HCFC free and can help guard against possible insurance claims and damage. Aside from the official uses, it also makes a great creative material for crafts and junk modeling. Who knew packaging supplies could be so much fun!

Tissue & Paper Packaging

Perfect tissue or paper packaging supply, come to us for a range that will suit your budget, your taste, your contents and your customer!

From multi-coloured tissue paper to brown corrugated paper rolls, we can supply whatever packaging paper you need for whatever job you have in mind. When you’re moving house, you may not need to wrap every object in a different shade of the rainbow.  On that basis, our functional corrugated paper rolls are supplied in a standard brown cardboard colour because we’ve focused on strength and impact protection rather than glamour and co-ordination.

On the other hand, when you’re wrapping a floral bouquet, a silk scarf or a silver chain, of course you want strength and protection, but we’re guessing brown corrugated paper rolls aren’t going to send the right message for the ultimate gift wrap. Because of that, our tissue paper ranges come in bright and beautiful tints and soft machine glazes, and are manufactured either for economy use, or acid free to keep fragile fabrics and jewellery safe from harm and damage.

We’ve also got newspaper wrapping offcuts (unprinted) that make excellent and economical packaging, as well as giving effective void filling for unwanted space in boxes for shipping and storage. Oh, and for fish and chips of course.

And don’t forget acid free white tissue paper – the all rounder for shop counters that need soft and safe packaging for goods bought in store. It’s ideal for wrapping glassware, flowers, bottles, fabric, ceramics, costume jewellery – you name it. But be sensible. It’s no use at all for transporting goldfish.

So when you’re on the look out for the perfect tissue or paper packaging supply, come to us for a range that will suit your budget, your taste, your contents and your customer.

We could say more, but we think that about wraps it up for now.

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