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Padded envelopes. A great idea. We think so anyway

Postal supplies come and go with varying levels of popularity and interest. Personally, we have a soft spot for the miracle of mailing design that is the padded envelope. It’s an envelope, and its padded. Padding, in an envelope! Think about it. What an amazing invention. Most days, we can hardly get over the joy of the concept.

Whatever you’re sending by post, a padded envelope will carry it to its destination safely, securely, and with a gentle hug all the way. Whatever the contents, the padding will make sure that dispatch is a less painful process and that the contents of the package lands in its destination in the same pristine condition as when you sealed and sent it. For convenience, our padded envelopes even have peel and seal adhesive strips, making it very quick and simple to achieve a strong and permanent closure without having to fumble around with staplers or tape and scissors.

You can order padded envelopes from us in a wide variety of sizes. The padding is specially designed to resist the punctures, shocks and jolts that can happen in the mail. If you have a number of products to send, simply package them into padded envelopes, seal them and then toss them into a container ready for dispatch. You won’t have to worry, they’ll be safe as houses, right up to the customers’ front doors.

If you need to buy in bulk then just say the word. Depending on the size we can supply padded envelopes in multiple quantities of 200 if required, with a minimum order size of 50.

  • Envosafe® Secure White bubble padded envelopes are extra strength padded envelopes and are available to order online in a range of popular envelope sizes. Envosafe bubble envelopes are suitable to be used as postal bags. These light weight and strong white bubble Padded Envelopes ensure secure protection to all mail order goods and merchandise. Read the...

    £ 23.84
  • Envosafe ® Protect white kraft paper padded envelopes are a bubble lined light weight envelope perfect for everyday mailing. The Envosafe protect bubble envelope offers supurb value for money and also remains one of the most used padded envelopes worldwide. Read the full product description.

    £ 15.35
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