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Looking for strapping materials? Well, who isn't!

What could be more exciting than the chance to order a whole reel of industrial strength woven strapping, available in 3 widths. Or perhaps you're more of a polypropylene person - great for pallets, fab for heavy duty bundles, and excellent value when you go for the full 2000m in length, whether you're strapping by hand or with a machine. Of course, you could be looking something a little stronger. Have we mentioned, we've got mill wound and ribbon wound steel strapping that would suit even the most demanding strapping materials customer. It's rumoured to be one of the few things aside from a flight of stairs that Dr Who uses regularly to show a Dalek who's boss.

We have the tools for the job too. No sonic screwdrivers, sadly, but the next best thing - strapping tensioners, cutters and sealers, along with combination tools that do all three jobs in one. Cybermen, beware! But, wait for it, that's not all. Somebody warn Billie Piper to warm up the Tardis because, just take a look at our very own range of battery powered strapping tools. That's right, we're not just talking Colin Baker or Sylvester McCoy with these beauties. The Signode BXT Battery Powered Strapping Tool is your actual David Tennant when it comes to the strapping materials world. And just like David, it has an optional power adapter kit available. Other Doctors are available of course, and everyone has their favourite. Just like strapping materials. But we like them all.


Strapping Kits

Strapping kits come with equipment designed to help you achieve a professional strapping finish!

Do you have a package that needs properly strapping? It can seem like a tall order if you don’t have the strapping tools and equipment required. That’s why we supply a range of strapping kits that give you the right materials and the quality tools you’ll need without having to invest in a dedicated full-scale industrial strapping set up.

Let’s look at the basics. First you’ll need the strapping material itself, which could be manufactured from polyester, polypropylene or steel, depending on what you’re using it for. Woven polyester is strong, but also soft. Steel is maximum strength and very heavy duty. It’s important to select the right strapping kit for the bundle or carton you need to strap.

To help maintain the tension and strength of the strapping, you’ll probably want seals or buckles. They work in different ways, but basically they allow you to fix the strapping at certain points so that the tension has a few anchor points. Imagine gift wrapping a present with ribbon, and how it can sometimes fall apart if everything depends on the bow you tie at the end.  Seals and buckles help take the strain along the way.

Finally, you’ll want the right tools to help you tension, seal and cut. Our kits come with equipment designed to help you achieve a professional strapping finish, whichever material you’re working with. Some of them also come with added extras such as dispensers, or trolleys with built in trays and tool boxes for accessories. All our strapping kits are designed to make life just that bit easier when you have a strapping job to do.

Strapping Seals & Buckles

Don’t forget strapping seals and buckles when you’re stocking up on professional strapping supplies!

Whether you’re strapping by hand or machine, seals and buckles help to achieve the right tension, a strong enough binding and a reliably packed pallet, package, carton or crate. Strapping buckles are perfect for use with polypropylene or composite woven cord polyester strapping. They come in a range of sizes so that you can select the ideal width for the precise strapping material you’re using. Buckles provide an anchor point for pulling against when creating tension. Galvanised steel buckles can endure extremes in weather conditions and will help you achieve secure and robustly strapped packages. Sheradised buckles are designed not to slip, which is helpful when you’re working with hotmelt polyester or woven cord.

Seals are used to fix and permanently seal strapping into place. Semi open seals allow you to lie the strapping in the groove and then clamp tightly shut with the help of a sealing or combination strapping tool or machine. Serrated seals provide a stable grip and a strong clamp to keep strapping firmly in position.

If you’re working with steel strapping and a strapping tool, you may not need separate seals as specialist equipment is often designed to fix the strapping material into place without them. But for many strapping jobs, buckles and metal seals are the key to creating highly professional results. If you’re new to strapping or only have a small project to do, why not take a look at our strapping kits, which come supplied with the fixings, tools, strapping and dispensers you need.

Strapping Tools

Buy quality strapping tools that are professionaly manufacturered by Pro-series and Optimax!

Contemporary strapping tools come in such a variety of designs and specifications, we wouldn’t be surprised if there were strapping professionals who regularly asked for the latest equipment for their next birthday present. If you know someone like that (or you are someone like that!) then put the kettle on because you’re in for a treat.

Whether you’re cutting, tensioning, sealing, or all of the above, we supply all the tools you’ll need for the job. From basic manually operated unpowered tools, up to seriously powerful battery driven pieces of kit that Arnold Schwarzenegger would feel proud to have used if he’d had to meet the challenge of a legitimate industrial strapping emergency in the Terminator films. Take for example the ZXT1216 model from Optimax. Designed for heavy duty industrial use, it tensions, seals and cuts quickly and efficiently in a variety of widths and thicknesses of polyprop or polyester strapping materials. With a full 400 straps per charging cycle, it is the lightest available in its class, with a weight of only 3.5kg – and that includes the battery!

Or how about the Signode BXT, which sounds like Harry Potter’s latest broomstick (the name, rather than the motor) and seals with a friction weld. It’s another top of the range battery operated combination strapping tool.

At the other end of the spectrum, we’ve got tools that are engineered to produce great results by end, without the aid of a battery. Strapping sealers, tensioners, cutters and combination tools from recognised professional manufacturers such as Pro-series and Optimax are available to order online, each engineered for reliability and ease of use.

Strapping Dispensers

Strapping dispensers are one of the unsung heroes of the strapping world. We’re here to tell you they’re indispensable.

When it comes to strapping equipment, there are some serious pieces of kit available. Some take batteries, some cut through steel, some do a combination of jobs all in one and still manage to look as slick and stylish as Daniel Craig wearing Tom Ford Marko FT0144 sunglasses on his way to Waitrose.

But in the less glamorous range of strapping accessories, spare a thought for the humble strapping dispenser. Although, if we’re honest, many dispensers look a bit like a glorified garden hose reel, you only have to try strapping without one to recognise their true and peerless value for the strapping professional. Trust us on that.

Depending on the strapping material you’re using, you’ll want the right dispenser that will allow the coil to be held firmly in place, transported as necessary, and dispensed correctly. We’ve got mobile dispensers for ribbon wound steel strapping, dispensers for polypropylene, complete with accessories trays. We’ve got wheeled heavy duty strapping dispensers that can hold your tools for convenience on the move. And we’ve got static plastic reel dispensers that stay put.

When you’re storing any type of strapping, a decent dispenser allows you to keep everything you need in one place. It’s handy to have a fixed tray if possible so that you can keep any seals and strapping tools nearby. You can even order a kit from us that combines the tools, strapping, seals and dispenser in one tailor-made package. That’s a great solution if you have a smaller scale strapping project to do or need a starter kit that supplies everything you need.

Hand Strapping

Strapping goods, bundles and packages by hand? No problem!

We can supply you with strapping in a wide range of materials, together with strapping tools, seals and buckles to use with them.  We also stock a range of strapping kits, which are convenient as a starter pack or for a smaller job. If you need woven polyester hand strapping, we’ve got it in 13mm, 16mm and 19mm widths. It’s safe to apply by hand because the edges are soft and it’s easy to apply. Use the strapping with buckles (available separately) to help you maximise the strapping tension. It’s suitable for heavy duty uses and comes in lengths of up to 1100m.

When you’re strapping heavy loads to a pallet, you need extra strong breaking strengths and protection against splitting. We supply hand strapping made from polypropylene for reliable strength and tension when securing packages for delivery.  These are intended for use with strapping seals for industrial strength performance and security. Strapping tools and machines help to produce a higher quality strapping, and we supply these in ranges that are suitable for manual as well as heavier duty use.  With industrial strapping tools – tensioners, cutters and sealers - you can strap even steel strapping by hand. We have both mill wound and ribbon wound steel strapping in a range of widths and breaking strengths to suit your requirements.

Our ranges of strapping are growing in line with demand, so if we don’t yet stock the one you’re after, just let us know.  We’re always on the look out for the most popular items to add to our product ranges.

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