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Janitorial supplies are the essential resources that make everyone’s life run more smoothly and healthily!

If you’re a cleaner, janitor or caretaker, it’s easy to feel like your job isn’t very glamorous and everyone looks down on your role in the team. But round here, we think differently! Janitorial supplies are the essential resources that make everyone’s life run more smoothly and healthily. We love janitors, we celebrate cleaners and we think caretakers should be given a special shiny badge. That’s why we’re always working on ways to bring you the best in cleaning and janitorial supplies.

Dusters, gloves, paper towels… we stock the essentials so that you can keep things running like a dream behind the scenes. Because, let’s face it, the very best janitorial supplies go completely unnoticed. No-one wants to get to the end of a day at the office and announce over the tea table that the centre feed paper towels at work left an impression on their afternoon.

The moment people start making a fuss about your choice of duster, it won’t be because they’re happy about it. Big news about your cleaning supplies is more likely to happen when there’s a problem rather than a cause for celebration. When’s the last time someone came up to you and said, ‘Hey, love the cleaning by the way. Excellent choice of non sterile powdered blue vinyl gloves!’

So, basically, let’s keep janitorial supplies where they belong – key to everyone’s business success, but hardly ever spoken of. That way cleaners across the nation can take a proud stand and know in their hearts that their work here is done.

Shh! Order from us and no one will ever notice.


Refuse Sacks

We don’t sell rubbish bags. Our bags are great! Quality refuse sacks, rubble sacks & bin bags!

Dispose of it properly by choosing your favourite from our wide range of refuse bags. At last you can make bin changing a satisfying experience with exactly the right size and strength of liner to fit.

We’ve got extra super strong bags, and lighterweight ones, depending on whether you’re disposing of scrap paper or scrap metal. Rubble bags and wheelie bin liners – everything you need for a good clear out. So when you’re wondering how to dump all those things you no longer need in your life so that you can move on, come to us. We don’t sell rubbish bags. Our bags are great!

Paper Towels

Think of us for janitorial supplies and share the love for paper towels

Centre Feed Paper Towels - 2 ply 150mPaper towels are an essential resource right across the catering sector as well as in many industrial workplaces. Great for clearing up accidental spills and wiping surfaces, they’re efficient, clean, disposable, and available to order in bulk if you need to stock up. They’re absorbent and soft, and strong enough for even tougher cleaning jobs. You can even order them in a choice of colours – not, we admit, as many colours as the highly glamorous rainbow shades of acid free tissue paper available in our wrapping section, but still rather lovely.

Okay, hand paper towels are NOT the most glamorous janitorial products we sell. But ask yourself, when’s the last time I had an emergency and urgently needed to grab some rainbow shades of tissue paper? Not recently, we’re guessing. On the hand, paper towels get the rare accolade of even being yelled for on some occasions, such as in the phrase, ‘QUICK! Has anyone got a PAPER TOWEL? I need one here NOW!!!” That’s an everyday experience for many people across the nation!


We supply gloves for cleaners and washer uppers,  hairdressers and nursery workers

We’ve got them for collectors and archivists, kitchen staff and caretakers. They’re here in stock for doctors and nurses, scientists and investigators. They’re used by mechanics, care workers, shop assistants and teachers. And if you’re none of the above but you still need gloves to do your job or carry out your chores, we’ve got them for you too.

Which gloves should you choose? Well that depends. If you’re looking for a really inexpensive hand covering that doesn’t need to be an exact fit, but does need to offer dexterity and protection, you’ll find our thin polythene gloves offer superb value. They can be used on either hand and are supplied in a box of 100, which means there are plenty to go around or to store in the stock cupboard for future use. With welded seams, you can keep your hands dry and clean, knowing there won’t be any unhelpful leaking through the fingers. They’re powder-free and can be put on and taken off quickly and easily. One size suits all.

Another very versatile glove that we supply is the non-sterile blue vinyl glove – powdered for greater ease in taking them off and putting them on. These have countless uses and are available in small, medium or large sizes. Non sterile gloves are used in a very wide range of commercial, caring and domestic situations. As they are less expensive than sterile gloves, wherever possible they are regularly used even in healthcare situations.

Our ranges are always expanding, so if you’ll looking for a type of glove we don’t yet stock, let us know and we’ll see what we can do. Unless you’re after boxing gloves. That’s probably not our thing…

Dish Cloths & Dusters

Order dish cloths and dusters from us. Our janitorial supplies really are supercalifragilisticexpialidocious, even if we say so ourselves!

Dish cloths and dusters! It sounds like the sort of thing Mary Poppins might say if she was unusually surprised or extremely angry. But then again, she only has to sing a song and the cleaning chores magically get done.  That’s quite a talent. If you’re in a similar position, only needing a click or a clap or a whistle to get the inside of the oven looking pristine, and every cupboard top and skirting board dust free, then we’re sorry to have bothered you by bringing up the subject of cleaning supplies.  Everyone else, read on.

There’s nothing quite like a fresh new soft cotton duster to motivate you when you’re polishing surfaces and removing fingerprints on screens and windows. If full scale hospitality is your trade, then you’re in luck because we sell dusters by the case load – 12 dusters on a roll and cases of 50 rolls supplied per order. That’s a total of 600 dusters if you do the maths. We offer great prices on our yellow dusters, and they’re made from 100% cotton for super absorbency and softness.

And, unless you’ve got a spoonful of sugar handy and a friend who’s a chimney sweep with a dodgy cockney accent, those dishes are not going to do themselves however sweetly you sing. Never mind. At least when it rains you can use an umbrella without sailing half way across town. White cotton dishcloths and a bit of elbow grease are just as good anyway, and ours are made from 100% recycled cotton, which is great for the environment.

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