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Cardboard Cartons Foot Operated Treadle Stapler

The treadle stapler allows you to manoeuvre boxes by hand, then staple with your foot. Very quick and easy to operate for high volumes of packaging.

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Cardboard Cartons Foot Operated Treadle Stapler

To staple a box with your foot - that, basically!

For stapling the base of a box or carton, this treadle stapler is ideal. It provides a sturdy surface against which to apply the staple, and the foot operation is very simple. If you’re looking for much higher volumes, you’ll probably want to opt for the air powered version, but if you’re just looking for ease of operation and convenience, this is a great product.

Durable, reliable, so easy you could do it with a foot (which is the point!)

If you’re in the business of sealing cartons, it makes a lot of sense to have one of these available. It makes sealing boxes and cartons so much easier. The foot pedal is fairly effortless and leaves your hands free to manipulate the box into place. A definite must for busy packaging areas.

So let’s put our foot down on the cardboard cartons foot operated treadle stapler


  • Foot operated stapler for sealing the bases of cardboard boxes and cartons
  • Uses staple leg lengths of 15mm, 18mm or 22mm
  • An inbuilt base for stapling against with the need for a stapling support table

Use for:

  • Fixing and sealing the bases of cardboard boxes and cartons
  • Industrial stapling

Outstanding benefits:

  • Foot operation leaves the hands free to move the box around
  • Much less effort than manual stapling
Brand Optimax