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Air Powered Carton Treadle Stapler

To staple large volumes of boxes and keep your hands free, this heavy duty treadle staple is operated by a foot mechanism. Staples around 100 boxes per hour.

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Air powered carton treadle stapler

Foot operated stapler for sealing cartons!

Now you can staple boxes using your feet! Sounds unlikely? Then you obviously need to meet the air powered carton treadle stapler. With this piece of kit you’ll be stapling and sealing nearer 100 boxes every hour, rather than your usual lower numbers.

Safety foot pedal action for serious stapling productivity

This heavy duty stapler makes mincemeat of carton stapling, which makes your life easier and your job quicker to finish. Using staple sizes of 32/15 and 32/18 it’s ideal if you have high volumes of packaging to get through every hour.

When you need to put your foot on it to get all the box stapling done

So let’s tread carefully and find out about the air powered carton treadle stapler.


  • Industrial stapler for cartons and boxes
  • Operated with a safety foot treadle
  • Uses 32/15 or 32/18 staples (available separately)

Use for:

  • High volume stapling jobs
  • Sealing large numbers of cartons and cardboard boxes

Outstanding benefits:

  • Much faster than hand stapling
  • Takes less effort, so is less tiring and more productive to use
Brand Optimax