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For extra security, stability and peace of mind when you’re constructing cartons and boxes, you’ll often need to staple them into place

We can supply a professional range of carton stapling equipment, from air powered and pneumatic carton staplers, to hands-free foot operated mechanisms for extra versatility.  We also supply cardboard box support tables which allow you to staple the base of a box simply and easily. They are designed to have the box rested on them during the stapling process, allowing a sturdy base to staple into and letting the staple go through the layers of cardboard without attaching to the surface below.  Cardboard box support tables can be used together with the manual or air stapler.

If you’re working with different sized boxes, you’ll be glad that our stapling equipment is adjustable, giving you a choice of heights that allow you to staple any box with ease and a professional finish. With both foot operated and hand operated staplers available, you might even start to wonder whether you can operate two at once for double the efficiency! The answer is no, sadly, unless of course you’re employing an octopus on your packaging team.

Carton stapling is one of those jobs that needs the right specialist equipment to do properly. Trying to make do with basic staplers to handle boxes and cartons is not a viable alternative for professional businesses. Discounts are usually available on many of our products for bulk purchases, which means a great deal, especially if you do happen to have an octopus on the team.

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