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Why picture framers use kraft paper for protection

Framing a picture

Why use Kraft Paper?

Kraft paper is a very versatile paper product. People have the option to find this paper in many different sizes and weights, which makes it ideal for various applications. This paper is very strong, biodegradable, and comes in all shapes and sizes to be used for many different situations.

Picture framers often buy Kraft Paper to protect the pictures that they are framing, and for good reason. The paper is strong, durable, and eco-friendly, which makes it a great option for protecting pictures and re-using time and time again without a big impact on the environment.

Kraft paper is strong, and can be used in all types of protective situations. In addition to being great for framing and protection of framed art, it is also great as packing material. This paper can easily decompose within just a matter of a few weeks, which means that the landfills aren’t full of waste, either.

This paper is made of one single materials, isn’t bleached or chemically processed, and provides a great product for a variety of different uses. This paper is made from pine and is designed to be strong, effective, and still easy to get rid of because it biodegrades so easily.

When framers are looking for the best solutions for protecting their framed images, this paper naturally comes to mind. It is low-cost because it doesn’t take a lot to produce the paper. It is also very thick and strong naturally, which gives it an advantage over other materials. Plus, it doesn’t take a lot of effort to use Kraft paper in any application because it is simply unrolled and used where it is needed.

There are plenty of uses for this paper, but protection is the most obvious solution because it offers strength, affordability, and reusable packing solutions.

Picture framers have a lot to think about in creating their framed works of art. Whether framing their own work or the work of others, they understand that protection is imperative to the quality of the work.

Shipping and handling of framed pieces can be hazardous, but Kraft paper ensures that paintings and other framed pieces are properly protected from any type of damage or wear during the process of being created and transported to the consumer’s hands. There are so many benefits to this particular product, but framers enjoy it because it is cheap, reusable, and sturdy enough to protect their work from a variety of elements.

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