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Where to get cardboard boxes for moving house

lots of cardboard boxes

Moving house? How exciting! But has procrastination set in yet? If you’re like most of us, there are probably some really motivating factors about the move, but some of the more practical aspects can feel like a painstaking ordeal to face. Take packing for instance. The thought of sorting through the back of the cupboard, the garage shelves, the parts of the spare room that haven’t seen daylight since 1996… and don’t even mention the attic! The thought of packing can be such a demotivator, it can lurk in the back of your mind putting a dampener on the whole project, making it seem like one big headache.

Right. It’s time to turn that thought around. Stop putting off the question of packing and take control. Don’t start half-heartedly, or you’ll be digging a bigger hole for yourself. Instead, decide here and now to make packing a positive and achievable target and you’ll start to rejuvenate your house move and see everything in a different light.

The right packaging materials – the number one factor in reducing house moving stress

The number one factor in being in control of your packing is to have the right materials to hand, so that you can place your belongings systematically into a safe place for the journey to your new home. If you’re continually telling yourself you need to wait until you’ve collected all the cardboard boxes from supermarkets and retail stores, the chances are you’re not doing yourself any favours. Although you might be lucky and find a box or two that’s big enough and in good enough condition, generally speaking you’re more likely to find containers that have seen better days. They’ve often been strapped tightly, crushing the edges, or torn open. Okay, you might be able to do a reasonable repair job using gaffer tape, but ask yourself: aren’t there better uses of your precious time, effort and money?

New cardboard boxes don’t need repairing and are delivered flat-packed

Have a look at the prices of brand new cardboard boxes for moving and you’ll probably be surprised at how reasonable this option is. After all, order them online from us at Online Packaging Shop and you’ll receive them straight to your door, flat-packed, and in sizes that suit your needs exactly. In fact, to take the guesswork out for you, we’ve got moving kits designed for three sizes of house move, and including all the other accessories you’ll need too – things like newsprint offcuts for wrapping fragile objects, tape for securing the packages, and even pens for labelling. Most importantly, the boxes in our moving kits are double wall to make absolutely sure the contents are kept safe and secure however gruelling the journey. After all, we don’t know where you’re moving from or to. It could be a semi detached in peaceful Crawley, a multi-million pound subterranean mansion in the heart of high-class Kensington, or a rusty boat moored in turbulent Cornish surfing waters needing urgent renovation. (Good luck with that one!)

By the way, even if you order house moving boxes separately from us rather than opting for a house moving kit, it’s really important to do the job properly. Use void fill, bubble wrap or scrunched up strong brown paper to minimise rattle room, tape the lids securely so they are firmly closed, and label clearly so that when you get to the other end you know exactly where to find the kettle. This makes good sense whether you plan to unpack straight away, or whether you’re putting your possessions into storage for a few months. The last thing you’ll want is to open a box of crockery and find a 3D jigsaw of cracked, chipped or smashed items.

Make packing for the house move a satisfying job by doing it properly

Use this rare opportunity of packing up your entire inventory of possessions to sort through everything you own. Work systematically, sending some things off to a charity shop or recycling centre, and reclaiming some of the long-forgotten treasures that will become useful and aspirational objects in your new place. You can make the packing process a satisfying one if you take control at an early stage and give yourself the time, space and materials you need to do it like a professional. Only transport what you really want to take with you, wrap, tape, label, and at the other end you’ll have yourself to thank.

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