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Tips on how to choose the best packing tape

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Be honest. Have you ever tried wrapping a last minute birthday present with gaffer tape or masking tape instead of the proper stuff (3M Scotch Premium Clear Tape)? We have. And as much as it’s possible to make a reasonably decorative feature out of 2 inch widths of industrial adhesive tape, it turns out it is a little bit of an overkill for a small box of Maltesers. This just underlines the point that having the right materials for the job is very worthwhile, even if that’s just in order to give your Mum a Mother’s Day present that doesn’t look like it needs dismantling by a bomb disposal unit.

Choose the right packing tape for the job

Here at packing tape is one of our favourite things. After all, with so much variety on offer, we can be confident of supplying you with exactly the professional quality products you need for the job in hand. There’s no point wasting time and effort on anything less. Mistakes can be expensive, even if it just means having to do the same job twice. (Trust us, this is a lesson you’ll soon learn if you try to prepare a parcel for overseas dispatch using only masking tape!)

So let’s have a look at some of the most common packing tapes to help you decide for yourself what your packing room needs to stock, and which current problems could be overcome by using the right tape for every package.

The most popular packing tapes on the market

First of all, let’s talk about the tape that everyone on Blue Peter used to call ‘Sticky Tape’ to avoid the BBC any embarrassing brand-promotional gaffs. We’ve already mentioned 3M Scotch Premium Clear Tape, which is cost effective, highly versatile and a household and office essential. Get the right dispenser and you’ll save yourself time and effort, as well as caring for your teeth if you’re one of those people with that bad habit.

If you’re working with commercial shipments you’ll find PVC or polyethylene tapes both do a great job. See our handy guide to comparing these two popular packaging tapes and you’ll find it comes down to things like cost, adhesive quality, tearability and surface finish, among other things.

Gaffer tape is not the most subtle or beautiful of tapes, as we’ve already mentioned, but it does a great job backstage in venues and studios and is a very good all-rounder. Keep it on hand if you’re out and about as it fits the bill for most taping needs, even those that you weren’t planning for.

And then of course there’s masking tape which is just superb when you have a paint job to do and you need to protect the surrounding areas, but its low tack ease of removal makes it worse than useless for sealing boxes.

Packing tapes you may not have considered

Bag neck sealing tape can be placed in a dispenser on a counter top in a butcher’s or other shop to ensure excellent closure of bag necks, swiftly, easily, and so securely that you won’t have to worry about the contents leaking out over your customer’s shopping.

If it’s important to keep your package from being tampered with, then consider crossweave filament tape which cannot be broken by hand and is therefore much more tricky to remove unnoticed. It’s perfect for packages that have sensitive contents or that need extra protection.

Another tape with a specialist use is brown gummed paper tape used for picture framing and backing. Its adhesive qualities are activated on contact with water to create a long lasting seal; it’s another tamper-evident packaging solution.

Those are just some of the packing tapes available from, where you’ll also find a range of different widths and colours of those mentioned above. If you’re buying in bulk you’ll find there are additional discounts to be had, but even if you’re a domestic buyer looking for a small number of rolls, you’ll find great prices on top quality products.

So that was your handy guide to choosing the right tape for the job. Hope it will save you from any sticky situations!

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