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Party ideas candy stripe paper bags

Traditional sweet shop paper bags

Here at Online Packaging Shop, we’re always on the lookout for ideas to make life more fun with packaging. So when we heard about this idea, for jazzing up your party using traditional sweet shop candy stripe paper bags, we just had to tell you about it!

Basically, the suggestion is that when you’re throwing a children’s birthday party, a sophisticated evening soirée, a grandparents’ special birthday or a celebration to mark an anniversary of a wedding, a building or other happy memorable event, you can make everyone’s day with a candy stripe bag of goodies. The bags are really inexpensive, but fantastic for inspiring the sort of nostalgic interest that gets everyone in a happy mood. Each of these party ideas will call for a different way to use the bags, so here are a few hints and tips that should help you achieve a very popular end to any successful party.

Children’s parties, with candy striped excitement!

Ask any child under 12 what they’re favourite sweets are, and you’ll see their eyes widen and the sugar rush starting before they’ve even got the words out! As any experienced party-throwing parent will know, it’s best not to involve too many sugary foods while the children are still under your roof or they’ll be likely to buzz out of control. However, sending them home with a bag of sweets is a great way to send them off at picking up time.

Remember that, while in the old days pink for a girl and blue for a boy was an acceptable standard, nowadays you’re better off letting children choose for themselves. Alternatively, it’s probably a safer bet to stick to all one colour (blue). Unless you’re ready to cope with an activity that could get out of hand, it’s also better to fill the bags beforehand with inexpensive sweets, and seal them with adhesive tape so that there are no disputes over the contents. Tell them it’s a ‘surprise’ for when they get home.

Anniversaries and celebrates with candy striped nostalgia!

If you’re treating an elderly relative to a birthday celebration, or you have a group or institution approaching a landmark anniversary, such as centenary, a candy striped bag of sweets could be just the thing to get the guests thinking back through the years with big smiles on their faces.

Why not set up a stall of traditional sweets in large jars, and invite guests to pick and mix for themselves. Sherbet Lemons, Mint Imperials, Chewing Nuts, Barley Sugars and Chocolate Éclairs can stand alongside bowls of Maltesers, Sugar Mice and Liquorice Allsorts. Provide some small scoops as a decorative and practical touch, and a pile of pink and/or blue candy striped paper bags, strung in 100s. Then drape some fabric bunting around to add to the atmospheric effect, and if you like, could dress up an old fashioned corner shopkeeper with an apron (along the lines of Ronnie Barker in ‘Open All Hours’) to add an amusingly authentic touch, which will also help ensure good organisation rather than a sudden free-for-all. A pair of scales with separate weights will really help to set the scene too.

Chic dinner parties with candy striped class!

When you’re holding a more grown-up and sophisticated evening do, you can use candy striped bags as an unusual and engaging after dinner activity. While your guests adjourn to the comfy seats for coffee or something a little stronger, arrange some home-made confectionary on silver platters and then bring them in to place them on a coffee table. Provide some candy striped bags, and allow the guests to pick and choose their favourites informally, either to take home as a parting gift, or to sample during the evening hours as they sit back and listen to some down tempo background music or while the way the hours in stimulating conversation.

The familiar candy striped design of the bags will be a fantastic conversation starter, your party will have an unusual twist, and you can feel quietly smug as you notice each guest acting secretly protective of their own private stash of your delicious sweet or chocolate offerings.

We hope that gives you a few more fun ideas to get your party going with a swing. Have you ever used candy striped bags to enhance your party? We’d love to hear from you, so please comment below.

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