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How many moving boxes do I need?

Moving Box and Supplies

How many boxes? 42, according to the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. Or was that the meaning of life? In any case, if you’re looking for a specific number, 42 is as good as any. While you’re at it, you’re probably also wondering how long is a piece of string, and a quick Google search shows that on average a piece of string is 14 feet in length.

But seriously, it’s a good question to ask – how many boxes will be enough but not too many when you’re moving house. A Smart Alec here in the office just offered some wisdom on the subject, saying you only need one box to move house. It just has to be really, really big. Very helpful.

How many moving boxes depends on successful decluttering

Okay, so obviously the number of cardboard boxes you’ll need for a house removal depends on a number of factors. For a start, remember that it’s not just about how much stuff you have, it’s more about how much you’re thinking of taking with you. After all, there’s no point filling 3 boxes full of spare newspapers or old clothes you just need to get round to recycling. Take some time to think about what you can happily get rid of at this end rather than needlessly carting it all the way to your new home. Sorting through cupboards and drawers is never a fun job, but when you’re moving house it’s an ideal opportunity to offload that scale model of the solar system that Uncle Barry fashioned out of ping pong balls in the 1970s.

Good organisation might call for more (or less) moving boxes

Another way of deciding how many boxes you need is to decide how you want to pack. If you have children, each with their own prized possessions needing to be easily accessed at the other end, it’s worth giving them each a box or two to label and fill with their own toys, clothes, school books etc. In that way, you might decide that even objects that would fit in one large box are better sorted into two or three smaller ones to save having domestic tensions. Equally, if you’re clearing out the kitchen, office or craft area, you might prefer to sort your things into smaller containers rather than lumping them all together.  Just make sure everything gets properly labelled – even if you think you’ll remember that the box you left by the door is the one with the school uniforms in.

Can I just get a ready made kit for moving house, with the cardboard boxes supplied?

Every move is different, so to come up with the exact number of boxes you’ll need for your house move is a tricky calculation. If you’re able to start packing well ahead of time, you could order a smaller number and come back for more as you need them. In this case, it’ll be worth getting boxes of different sizes for convenience. Choose double wall cardboard boxes for better protection, and use void fill or scrunched up paper to avoid too much rattling.

But if you’d prefer an easier solution you can order a house moving kit that is designed for the job. For the average house move, our kits provide 15 small boxes, 8-10 medium, and 6-8 large, depending on the number of rooms. You can order a smaller kit for moving, say, a student, and of course you can order more than one kit if you have a particularly large family or a lot of possessions. The kits also come with accessories to help you pack fragile items and label boxes. Wardrobe boxes are also available, allowing you to place your clothes inside still on their hangers.

As an afterthought to the question of how many moving boxes you need, one of our staff members here has just come up with an answer to that age-old question of how many online packaging suppliers does it take to change a light bulb? The answer is that obviously you only ever need one online packaging supplier – (He should get some crackers to go with that cheese…)

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One thought on “How many moving boxes do I need?

  1. Purple Frog

    Very useful information, I was offered different sized boxes and had no ideas which ones to go for, or whether to get a selection of various sizes. This has helped! I’ve been told I need some good quality Sealing Tape too? How much would I need to spend on this? Thanks


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