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Fun with cardboard boxes

Playing with a cardboard box

Here at, there’s only one thing we love better than cardboard boxes, and that’s having fun with cardboard boxes!

That’s because there’s no end of fun to be had when you apply just a little imagination to a pile of abandoned or unused boxes, whether they’re double or single wall construction. They don’t need to be in tip top condition as long as they have some shape to them; the chances are they’ll get battered in any case. And it’s not just about constructing cardboard forts for bored children in the school holidays either.

Any age can be encouraged to let their hair down and go a little crazy if you can just come up with the right idea that sparks everyone’s interest and amusement. All you need apart from these instructions is a stack of cardboard boxes, a roll or two of packing tape, a jolly big room and friends who know how to party.

1) Box Football

Start by constructing goals from boxes taped together to create two sides and a cross bar. Don’t worry if they’re not too sturdy because moving goal posts is part of the fun. Next choose a nice cube-shaped box as your ball. A cube shape box for the ball isn’t essential, but it helps give the impression that there’s more organisation here than just a load of people kicking cardboard. Then pick sides and kick off. If that sounds too easy, remember that the box won’t last quite as long as your average Mitre Pro Max Match Football, so within minutes you’ll be kicking around a pile of cardboard. Why not double the fun and add more balls.

2) Reverse Box Jenga

The purists in cardboard box fun will tell you all about how to play giant size Jenga by removing boxes one by one from a carefully stacked tower without it falling down. The trouble with this is the set-up time. It probably takes 90% of the time to construct the tower and then 10% of the time to play Jenga. That’s just not how we roll. We prefer playing Reverse Box Jenga where the fun starts at the beginning.

Tape a square on the floor that measures approximately a metre square. The object of the game is to get as many boxes into that square, piled as high as you like, without any cardboard falling outside the taped area. You can stretch, throw, use a ladder, create ‘branches’ that reach beyond the tower for extra box room. Anything goes, until the boxes collapse.

3) Box Sack Races

When you’re in a sack race, you at least have the chance to attempt something that feels a bit like running, even though your feet are enclosed in a sack. With box sack races, it’s just about momentum, and success depends on having a floor that’s slippery enough to slide along. A great tip is to leap and push in one smooth action, thereby propelling your box forward. Variations on this theme are ever popular with our marketing team, who currently hold the record for closed box races (see below).

4) Closed Box Races

You’ve probably seen the craze for Zorbing or Aqua Sphere Racing, where humans get placed inside a big transparent ball. Now picture doing the same but inside a cardboard box. Seal the human inside by closing the flaps and get them to roll or tip the box in the direction of the finish line. In Zorbing there tends to be water inside the ball to add to the fun. We wouldn’t recommend water, but what about a few good handfuls of void-fill just to add to the vexation and sound effects.

5) Box Rat Runs

Create your own maze of tunnels by using boxes with both ends open. Then you can race each other to see who can get through the rat run the quickest. Alternatively, why not race one team against another to see who can build the longest rat run in the time allowed. If you really enjoy a challenge you could add a whole load of void-fill and call it a mole maze rather than a rat run.

Hope you’re impressed with the ingenuity of the back room boys and girls at With all these beautiful boxes around, it’s a wonder we get any work done at all!

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