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Stock Boxes for removal and moving house - buy just the quantity you need!

Moving house? No need to get your friends and family on a mad search for second hand packing boxes that break and tear the moment you move them, and need two miles of tape wound around just to hold them together. (Although we have some excellent choices of tape if you do decide to go that route…) Life could be so much easier, that’s our philosophy. Just order the right size and shape of boxes to fit all you need to pack, and we’ll send them to you – flat packed and with our best wishes for your new home or workplace. You don’t even need to invite us to the housewarming.

And if all those choices seem like too much hard work, how does this sound: removal kits. Just let us know if you’re catering for a one person student-sized move, a 3 bedroom whole family exodus, or somewhere in between. Our kits are designed especially to give you everything you need for the relocation – different sized boxes, sealing tape, even a pen for labeling! And, for when you’re feeling fragile, we’ll throw in some bubble wrap. Pop it if it helps, but more importantly use it to wrap up those breakables. We also supply newsprint cut-offs and corrugated paper for the purpose too, meaning you can fill all those lovely cardboard boxes with your most treasured possessions and they’ll be snug as a tortoise in hibernation.

Moving house or workspace can be stressful enough. But our kits will make things just that bit more straightforward.

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