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We love postal tubes so much, and care about our customers to such an extent that we almost decided to call our website YouTube. Sadly, that name was taken.

If you have posters, wall maps, year planners or prints to send, a cardboard postal tube saves you having to fold or crease the contents.  They’re simple to post and provide an effective way to deliver larger paper sizes without damaging them. We can supply them to suit a range of paper sizes from A4 (standard printer paper size) right up to A0 (approx 84cm x 118cm) – the dimensions of the tube are longer than the paper size to allow for easy insertion of the contents and sealing of the ends.

Plastic caps are fitted onto both ends of the cardboard tubes help to protect the contents and keep them safe from adverse weather conditions during dispatch, and to avoid them sliding out. They turn a postage problem into a simple solution – just roll the paper and slot it into the tube before sealing the ends. If you have a number of tubes to send, they can easily be bundled and tied together until they’re ready to go.

And its not just about mailing solutions. If you need to store certificates or keep pictures under wraps until you’re ready to display them, postal tubes make safe and protective storage containers. You can order quantities of 12 postal tubes and the plastic push-on ends come with them as standard. Order them from us and we’ll give you great prices, especially if you are buying them in bulk.

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